The curse of the crafter?

I love love love to make things!

The particular craft changes now and again, cake making was my thing for quite a while, more recently though I have become passionate about sewing!  I love sewing all sorts of things. Especially dresses. I am lucky enough to have a good sewing machine and two girls who are happy to exploit my growing skills!

I only have one problem.

I find it difficult to see something through to the finish before I get distracted by another project. Much like tattoos. I had one started ooooh, 10 years ago. Never had it finished because something new just calls to me each time I go!

I have a kind of ‘work in progress’ basket (not for tattoos obviously!) One item in the basket has been in there for over a year – oh the shame! There are missing zips and unfinished hems, it really is bursting at the seams.

you know you wanted to see it!

And so my question is this………
Is this the curse of the crafter?? Is the price to pay for a creative mind to also have a chaotic one? One so easily distracted by the shiny and new?
I know it drives my husband crazy. I know it drives me crazy! Anybody else??

I am pleased to say I’m on the verge of surprising myself. Less than a fortnight ago I spontaneously set myself the task of making both munchkins (ages 9 + 4) a new dress for a family christening this Sunday (don’t think I don’t know how to get a little crazy every now and then!)
So far, so on target!

I have 2 dresses. Both have zips! Just a few more adjustments and some hemming and I’ll be there.

Could the key simply be setting a deadline? I’ve never been able to stick to them before. Maybe now I’m a grown up it works?

I’ve spent some time recently considering things I would like to have done by the end of this year. Maybe I can give myself some weekly goals too.

My goals for the end of the year look something like this:
• Make at least one thing a week.
• Blog at least once a week.
• Make a family quilt.
• Make a shirt-dress for moi!

Perhaps the goal for next week can be:
• Finish one piece from the ‘work in progress’ basket.

I’ll let you know how I get on!

Until next time…..
Vicki x


Metaphorically speaking!

So……. I’ve decided to give this blogging thing a go!

This is me!

ahhhh, the weather was as glorious as it looks!

ahhhh, the weather was as glorious as it looks!

Things that you may or may not wish to know about me (though if I’ve lost you this soon, heaven help me!):

  • I’m Vicki.
  • I’m 30 (lets not mess around with any of this 29 + 1 rubbish ok?!).
  • I am married to a wonderful, bearded, bear of a man.
  • We have two amazing little girls.
  • I love to make things. Crafting, cooking, you name it, I’ll probably try it!
  • I cannot walk past a charity shop without having a rummage.
  • I am hopelessly devoted to buying new notepads.
  • I am not going to be at my best friends wedding.

This last fact breaks my heart a little bit.  Ok, a lot actually!  She was at my wedding and I always figured I would be at hers.  Unfortunately it is some distance away and it would be difficult and expensive for me to travel to.  Cue slightly awkward conversation between two people who have never been awkward around each other, ever.

Me (after going over it for a few months in my head): “I don’t think I can come to your wedding” *sob*

Her: “that’s fine – honestly!”

I was worried I was letting her down.  I think she was worried the thoughts of travel and cost would be stressing me out.  If only we’d talked about it sooner.  Then she reminded me that I could still come to the reception they were planning to have at home.

Her:  “There’ll always be Manchester!”

Me: “That would be a brilliant name for my blog!”

It has been a realllllllllly long time since I did any writing.  I have worried that I would make a complete and utter hash out of this.  However, I am trying to push myself to do things that scare me.  Don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to catch me throwing myself from the open door of a plane strapped to a flimsy piece of material any time soon.  But an on-line diary??  I can do that!

There will always be Manchester where the wedding is concerned. Though I have come to realise, in life, there might not.  So, the aim of this blog is to help me get focused on the things I want from my life.  Time is flying and I want to be able to say I grabbed that bull by the horns people!

I dedicate this first post to my lovely best friend.  She helped me  realise that maybe I could do this after all.  Did I mention she’s an English teacher – so I really hope she likes it!!

So here is to adventure my friends, (preferably the non life-threatening kind!)

Until next time….

Vicki x